Tricked You, Didn't I?

I'm back!

Although I have returned from Hong Kong and the new semester at Cal has started, I decided to update my blog one last time.

I had a great final week at CUHK wrapping up my projects and giving a poster presentation of my work for the Summer Undergraduate Research Programme. 

Professor Ren and Professor Ng, who I worked for at CUHK, will be travelling to the Bay Area next week. They have asked me to join them in their meeting with Google, which I am so thrilled about. We will be familiarizing the Google team with the WUDAPT process I have described in detail in my last blog. We are hoping that Google can use their abundant data base and satellite imaging software to make Local Climate Zone maps with more accuracy and on a larger scale.

I have also met up with a graduate student at UC Berkeley who develops 3D models of urban areas to test how heat is trapped between buildings. I am so thankful to my supervisors for this project, for teaching me so much about their work, allowing me to contribute, and providing me with so many amazing connections.