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2019 Internship Placements

The internship positions for Summer 2019 are below:

Domestic Placements

  • Carbon180 (1)
  • Imprint Energy (1)
  • Integral Group (1)
  • Energy Solutions (1)
  • Kirkwood Meadows Public Utilities District (1)
  • McEachern Laboratories (1)
  • Electric Power Research Institute (2)

International Placements

  • Tec de Monterrey, Mexico (1)


Please review the internship placements carefully before applying. Some programs may have specific requirements.

Click through the tabs below to view the description of each institute and its respective program(s). Please also check back for updates.

Note that all internships are for 8+ week periods between mid-May and mid-August. 




Carbon180 Logo


Carbon180 is a new breed of climate-focused NGO on a mission to fundamentally rethink carbon. We partner with policymakers, scientists and businesses around the globe to develop policy, promote research, and advance solutions that transform carbon from a pollutant to a resource and foster a prosperous, carbon-conscious economy that removes more from the atmosphere than we emit.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Federal Policy Research Assistant

Location: Preferred location is Washington DC. Options also available in Oakland, California.

With more than two trillion tons of carbon in our atmosphere, climate change is a serious threat. But carbon is more than just a pollutant— it is a fundamental part of the planet and our lives. With the carbon we draw from the air, we have the opportunity to power new industries, enrich our lands, and foster a prosperous world. Government is a powerful ally in realizing this vision. Federal policies supporting new technologies and smarter practices can help scale carbon removal in time to meet our climate goals. This internship position will work with our policy team to drive the Federal agenda on carbon removal solutions. Specifically, this position will be responsible for performing policy analysis and supporting policy-related communications. Responsibilities could include: consolidating technical information on carbon removal solutions to support policy development, developing appropriations requests, developing reauthorization recommendations, developing content for policymakers, and planning policy-related events. Final responsibilities will be decided upon based on intern background and interest. 

Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Financial support for transportation and living expenses is available for students in need. Minimum internship term is 10 weeks.


Rethinking the Battery: Imprint Energy aims to reshape the battery landscape. Currently available battery technologies limit the pace of improvement in design and functionality of portable electronic devices. Imprint Energy will address these shortcomings with its breakthrough zinc-based rechargeable battery technology, ZincPoly™. ZincPoly™ battery technology removes longstanding limitations on the rechargeability of zinc-based batteries and enables the production of ultrathin, flexible, high energy density rechargeable batteries for significantly lower cost and without the design limitations or safety concerns of other battery technologies.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Engineering Processes for Novel Rechargeable Batteries

Location: Alameda, California

Supervisor: Christine Ho

Imprint Energy is an early-stage advanced materials company commercializing a revolutionary printed battery technology developed at UC Berkeley by one of the company’s co-founders. Imprint Energy is changing portable power as the world knows it by removing limitations on battery size, shape, and use. Imprint Energy seeks a Battery Engineering Intern to join our technical team and “make it work!” The intern will have the opportunity to shape the development of Imprint Energy’s novel battery technology from formulating electrochemical materials, hands-on processing, testing of materials and devices, and making prototypes.

Preference for a junior or senior majoring in chemical engineering, chemistry, or materials science with some lab experience. Familiarity with electrochemistry, battery science, or polymer science is a plus.


Integral Group Logo

Integral Group is a global network of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, energy analysts, commissioning authorities and sustainability consultants collaborating under a single deep green umbrella. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable building design moving from green and net zero buildings towards regenerative buildings that mitigate global environmental impacts and reduce ecological degradation. We specialize in the design and analysis of simple, elegant, cost-effective systems for critical and high performance building environments. Our integrated approach to building systems design allows us to enhance opportunities that nature provides, working in harmony with a building’s environment to reduce its reliance on outside energy sources.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Building Performance Intern

Location: Oakland, California

Intern will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of building energy modeling tools used in the industry
  • Learn about different types of HVAC systems serving buildings, how they operate and ways to optimize their energy usage
  • Learn to interpret codes and standards for non-residential buildings
  • Assist with actual building energy performance data analysis
  • Learn about various field instruments used to acquire building performance data
  • Assist in performing building energy assessments and audits


Preference for a student with courses or experience in one or more of the following: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, marketing, sustainability. 


Energy Solutions Logo


Founded in 1995, Energy Solutions is a professional and engineering services firm whose mission is to create large-scale environmental impacts by providing market-based, cost-effective energy, carbon, and water management solutions to our utility, government and commercial customers. With nearly 100 employee-owners working on clean energy policies, programs, and projects at our offices in Oakland, CA; Orange, CA; and Cambridge, MA; we are differentiated by our innovation, value, quality, and reliability of impacts.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Energy Efficiency Intern

Location: Oakland, CA

Energy Solutions is seeking an intern who is interested in diving into a wide variety of energy efficiency topics. Your projects will vary from carbon program market segmentation and research to regulatory research, supporting advocacy efforts for our programs, doing data analysis and much more. An opportunity to put together a final presentation for Energy Solutions staff by the end of their tenure will be available. Candidates' skills and interests will be taken into consideration when tasks are assigned as well. 

Daily responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Research identification and scheduling of resources to complete projects
  • Technology, market research and literature searches
  • Organization and facilitation of in-person meetings and conference calls
  • Incentive/rebate application processing
  • Development of program tracking and process improvement tools
  • Note taking and support for client calls or project team meetings
  • General program support as needed


Internship length will be 12 weeks starting June 3rd, 2019.

An intern working towards a degree in an energy-related dscipline with environmental, economics, or engineering preferred. Strong interest in market-based solutions to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient technologies into the market. Strong competency in researching complex technical, data-related topics to support policy and business decisions. Demonstrated ability to conduct detailed technical and quantitatie analysis.


Kirkwood Meadows PUD Logo

Established in 1985, the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District (KMPUD) was formed as a public municipal corporation under the California Public Utilities Code after detachment from the El Dorado Irrigation District.  The District is located in a remote area in the Sierra Nevada mountains within Alpine, Amador, and El Dorado Counties. KMPUD’s service area encompasses an area of approximately 1.875 square miles.  Kirkwood, California is a resort-oriented community and includes the key facilities of Kirkwood Mountain Resort, one of the top ski mountains in North America.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Location: Kirkwood, CA

The Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District (KMPUD) is looking for an intern to lead an evaluation of electric heat pumps to replace propane as the main source of heating and snow melt for commercial buildings in Kirkwood, CA. KMPUD operates all utilities for the community of Kirkwood, CA and the ski resort operated by Vail. Utility services include electric, propane, water, and wastewater. There are three motivations for considering heat pumps:

  1. Compliance with future state climate policies
  2. Reducing overall costs for electricity
  3. Reducing investment in propane

Intern will have access to historic data and three typical commercial buildings. Intern will research the current market for heat pumps in cold weather environments and do an economic analysis from the perspective of the building owners and KMPUD.

The ideal candidate would have one or more of the following:

  • Economic modeling
  • Mechanical design
  • Curiousity about implementation of climate change regulations
  • Knowledge of heat pumps, efficiency, installations and behavior in cold climates. KMPUD can also work with the intern to find people they can interview regarding these.

Most of the work can be done on campus. Intern is expected to spend some time in Kirkwood and KMPUD would assist in transportation and housing. The starting date is flexible and the scope of work would be designed to be completed in 8 weeks.


McEachern Labs logo


McEachern Labs develops new instrument technology for U.S. government agencies, for U.S. National Labs,  and for universities and research institutes around the globe. We solve electric power quality and harmonic challenges for tool vendors and fabs throughout the world, with 40 years of success in at hundreds of fabs in 17 countries. Engineering consultant Alex McEachern is known worldwide for his cheerful, practical, hands-on approach to explaining how to solve electric power quality and harmonics issues.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Hardware/Firmware Instrumentation Intern

Location: Alameda, California

Intern will work directly with Alex McEachern on developing a new ultra-precise instrument for measuring electric power grid stability. The goal: make it possible to connect more solar power to existing grids without causing instabilities. This is primarily a technical position, but could involve writing publication papers (with credit to the intern) and patent applications if intern is interested. 

Ideally, you'll be familiar with typical lab bend equipment - oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc. - and typical firmware development environments. Knowledge of C is essential, and various assembly languages, Java, Python, etc. would be a plus. This is a hands-on opportunity to learn about precision, high-voltage, high-current measurement apparatus.

Start and end date flexible.




The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts research, development, and demonstration projects for the benefit of the public in the United States and internationally. As an independent, nonprofit organization for public interest energy and environmental research, we focus on electricity generation, delivery, and use in collaboration with the electricity sector, its stakeholders and others to enhance the quality of life by making electric power safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible.

(2 internship positions, 2 interns will be placed)

Building Science and Analytics Intern

Location: Palo Alto, California

This position will provide support to EPRI’s Advanced Energy Community and other customer-sited energy research activities in performing ativities that will investigate how emerging technologies and  distributed energy resources perform in field demonstrations in achieving energy-related goals. The position will be a combination of technical tasks and project coordination tasks. 

The student will work w/ EPRI R&D team members as well as other organizations and stakeholders and contribute his/her knowledge in building science and analytics in current ongoing demonstration projects. The student will also be responsible for working with the EPRI R&D team to document and report out research associated with these demonstration projects . He/she may also be assigned to help coordinate workshops where he/she will have to perform secondary research through literature reviews as well as interviews with outside stakeholders. This position will provide experience for a rising student who is interested in a combination of technical and project management tasks to develop his/her subject matter expertise in building science and building efficiency.


  • Juniors and seniors preferred. 
  • Team player willing to work in cross functional teams on various aspects customer-sited demonstration projects. 
  • Self-starter that can work w/ R&D staff in completing specific task under supervision
  • Strong attention to detail w/ strong documentation skills of methodology as well as results.
  • Communication skills willing to present technical results and updates to members of the project team 
  • Experience and/or coursework focused on building science and/or building efficiency 
  • Interest in developing a combination of technical depth and project management/cooridination skills in building science space. 
  • Experience coordinating large events
  • Leadership position in a school and/or extracurricular organization 
  • Experience and/or interest in building modeling software such as Energy Plus BeOpt, Energy Pro, or other modeling packages
  • Experience in using applications such as advanced Excel and tableau or programming languages such as R or Python to analyze and present large data sets. 


Connected Devices Intern

Location: Palo Alto, California

This position will provide support to EPRI’s Advanced Energy Community and other customer-sited energy research in performing ativities that will investigate how connected devices such as voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) smart thermostats can are being used as energy management tools. The student will support ongoing projects and activities and contribute via his/her knowledge ad interest in software programming and data analysis.  In particular, the student intern will develop methods to connect to connected devices such as smart thermostats, building energy management systems, water heaters, voice assistants and energy management hubs.  They will work with product providers home automation and energy management space as well as R&D staff at EPRI to develop demonstrations that show controllability of IoT devices in both laboratory as well as real-world settings.  They will also work on data transfer protocols to transfer, analyze and present data associated with the results of these demonstrations.  This position will provide cutting edge expertise in an emerging technology area and a full immersion experience for the right candidate.


Juniors or seniors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or another engineering or physical science related major preferred. The candidate should have an interest in developing skills in software programming, data analytics and energy management systems and would have taken college-level courses or completed previous internships of class-related projects. Additional skills include: 

  • Team player willing to work in cross functional teams on various aspects customer-sited demonstration projects. 
  • Self-starter that can work w/ R&D staff in completing specific task under supervision
  • Strong attention to detail w/ strong documentation skills of methodology as well as results.
  • Communication skills willing to present technical results and updates to members of the project team 
  •  Experience in a programming language such as Python and/or SQL 
  • Experience or interest in using application programming interfaces (APIs) in collecting data from IoT sensors and connected devices. ​


Tec de Monterrey logo


Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private, non-profit, independent institution with no political and religious affiliations.The work of Tecnológico de Monterrey and all its campuses is supported by civil associations made up of a numerous group of outstanding leaders from all over the country who are committed to quality in higher education.

(1 internship position, 1 intern will be placed)

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Mayo-Maldonado

The intern will be expected to work on the development of power electronics devices for renewable energy integration. His/her tasks will include PCB design and implementation; and evaluation of the converters in closed-loop operation. The intern will be working under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Mayo-Maldonado, a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering Department of Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Mid-level knowledge in electronics, including measurement tools, sensors, basic PCB design is desired, as well as basic programming and MATLAB/Simulink skills.

Internship length will be 10 weeks (starting mid-May).


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