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22 Aug

Final Thoughts

I have completed my 10 week Cal Energy Corps internship at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. While the internship is over, my work at the labs and on this individual project are not: I will be staying on to continue current efforts during the school year, this time for research credit instead of money.

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The End of my Journey at Imprint Energy

Throughout the summer I have been exposed to and learned several techniques to characterize the company’s printed battery technology. During my first week at Imprint, I partnered with another intern and one of the battery scientists to learn about the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

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In my previous blog post, I discussed I had been struggling with synthesizing samples that were completely pure. Well, this week I have made some progress, I have finally synthesized some pure samples. It is after synthesizing a total of 26 samples that I finally get 7 pure ones.

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Next Steps

Now that I have my summer project figured out and the end is approaching, I have started taking a step back and exploring more about what other people in the lab are doing. Last week, I made a sample to be characterized using atomic force microscopy (AFM).

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