[Blog #0] Hello!

Hi everyone! My name is Christabella Annalicia, and I am currently a rising senior majoring in Energy Engineering here at Cal. In my free time, as I am an avid reader of fantasy novels, I would be reading or researching more on good novels to buy. I also love to play with my Nintendo Switch, struggling to beat difficult bosses in Hollow Knight and Cuphead.

At my time at Berkeley, I have been part of the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP), learning on how to address the energy resource availability issue using microgrids, which opened up my eyes on how much more complex it is to plan or design for an ad-hoc microgrid and in utilizing distributed generation, as well as addressing issues on integrating more distributed energy resources (DERs) to the legacy grid. I have also learned that what customers do on the demand side will impact these considerations, therefore making the issue of resource availability and load balancing a more challenging one. Realizing this, I have set my mind to research more on these matters, propelling me to branch out from class readings, read up on scientific magazines, and contact people in the field on their research and expertise.

This summer, I will be interning at Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) to help with energy data analytics for their product development, which I believe will help me see how companies, such as JCI, can help improve customer energy savings on the smaller scale, while assisting with load balancing on the larger scale. I am hyped to see all the components on the distribution side come into play. On top of that, I am excited to apply my skills in the internship, in receiving hands-on experience on data analytics, in learning from experienced professionals on the field, and in being inspired by my peers in the Cal Energy Corps program.

Speaking of inspiration, in the past year of remote learning (which has been challenging yet rewarding at the same time), I have been blessed to know amazing people who continuously taught me, some of which helped me to learn and grow, both in academics and in life. Two of them have recommended that I apply to the Cal Energy Corps program in order that I learn more about the energy industry; I will forever be grateful to them for encouraging me to apply (look at me, writing my first blog post!).

Many thanks for reading through my first blog post. I will try my best in the internship and in writing enjoyable blog posts!