[Blog #0] Introduction

Hello! My name is Ella, and I am a rising senior, studying Data Science and Public Health. I am very excited to begin my data analyst internship with Heila Technologies tomorrow.

In the past three years of college, I have jumped around quite a bit between majors, finally deciding that my two majors in Data Science and Public Health provide unique perspectives into both technical and policy elements of issues that I am interested in. 

My interest in renewable energy and sustainability has evolved throughout college, as well. I entered college knowing that I wanted to work on fighting climate change and, very broadly, do something with a positive impact on the world. These are still values I hold dearly, but I have narrowed my focus to the field of energy during the past several years. 

Beginning my freshman year, I joined Solar Spring Break, a project of the non-profit Grid Alternatives. Our team spent one semester learning about the environmental justice components of energy access and traveled to Salinas to install solar panels on the homes of several low-income families. That summer, my interest in energy budding, I moved to Boulder to intern in data science for an energy tech start-up called Uplight. At Uplight, I helped with their demand response program and data analysis. 

During my sophomore year, I began working in UC Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory. Through this research, it has been exciting to be able to work toward providing clean, reliable, and inexpensive energy to communities feeling the direct effects of climate change. We have been investigating microgrid solutions for multiple communities in California’s Central Valley, and I am excited by the reliability and independence that microgrids can provide, allowing communities to be self-sufficient and resilient even through events like natural disasters. 

Heila Technologies focuses on distributed energy resources, and I am looking forward to applying my past experiences to the internship as well as learning a lot of new skills and ideas. 

Outside of work and school, I love to read books, go on hikes, and explore the Bay Area and the world. I can’t wait to begin work with Heila, and thank you for following me on this journey!