[Blog #0] Introduction

Hi there! My name is Dahlia, and I am a rising junior studying electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley. This summer, I am excited to be working as the Machine Learning Intern at PingThings. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, knitting, and going on long walks around Berkeley.

I am from Oakland originally, so I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life. While I’ve always known that combatting climate change was important, over these past five years, as I’ve felt the effects of droughts and wildfires more directly, I have come to realize that slowing climate change and its effects is one of the most important problems of our generation. In the Bay Area especially, many of the effects of climate change are tied directly to the power grid -- several of the largest wildfires in California over the last few years have been caused by issues with power equipment, and power companies have often resorted to outages to prevent fires. And of course, a more efficient power grid would allow us to use less energy in the first place, helping to combat climate change. 

Because of this, I am very excited to be working with PingThings this summer. PingThings is a company that analyzes large amounts of data from the power grid and uses this information to solve problems in real time. As the Machine Learning Intern, I will work on developing algorithms to process this data and extract useful information from it. This information could then be used to find potential points of inefficiency, and determine ways to modernize the grid.

I am looking forward to gaining hands-on experience with applying machine learning to real data sets through this internship and to learn from all of the people that I will be working with. I also hope to learn more about the field of power systems and how they can be improved.