[Blog #0] Introduction!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jin Yu, and I am a rising junior studying Chemical Engineering. Since this is the first blog about me ever, I will start with some introductions about myself and my research over the summer.

In high school, my favorite classes were chemistry, math, and physics so I was thrilled to study Chemical Engineering at Berkeley. Although the major wasn't exactly what I expected at first, I still really enjoy the material and the major. I cannot imagine being any other major because I enjoy seeing the overlap between all the subjects I love, in a great ratio, and make a difference in the world. Outside of classes, I spend my time journaling, cross-stitching, watching Netflix, and baking. This summer, I am trying to read a little more just for fun and also learn how to knit. 

To talk more about my research, I want to start with how I got interested in my research topic. Through my classes and student organizations before and during college, I have fostered my interest in renewable energy, more specifically batteries. It fascinated me that this electrochemistry can power tiny devices to an entire car. It could save, connect, and help people. I joined Berkeley's Chem-E-Car, where we build small cars powered by various batteries or chemistries for competition. Intrigued by its chemistry and how it can connect to people, I seeked for more opportunities to get involved in battery research at Berkeley. And this summer 2021, I am researching solid-state batteries and the material for solid-state electrolytes at LBNL. The research is a very exciting opportunity for me because it will give me hands-on experience with batteries, especially solid-state batteries. Solid-state batteries are not commercially used yet but it is considered the battery of the future and are actively researched. I am very grateful and thrilled to be a part of it. 

Personally, I am still deciding between industry and graduate school/academia, but I am hoping that this summer experience will provide me with some insight on what I want or don't want to do in the future. Nonetheless, after more than a year of virtual interactions, I am extremely thrilled to have in-person research. Physically working with experiments. Doing more than staring at the screen. Interacting in-person and learning more about my research. Meeting new people. I am looking forward to all of these over the summer and to share them through blog posts!