[Blog #0] A Little About Me

Hello there!

My name is Julie Hoang, and I am a rising junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am currently in San Jose, CA where I have lived my whole life. I am interested in energy because of my childhood appreciation for nature. Spending summer days fishing with my dad and sleeping alongside RedWood trees sparked my love for spending time outdoors and hiking. I want to design systems that are sustainable while focusing on the user’s needs and experience. I am super excited to be a Product Manager intern at Johnson Controls Inc. this summer, specifically working for their OpenBlue Companion app.

In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors by gardening (yay, summer planting!) or hiking near waterfalls. I am currently in the process of designing a gardening app that will help myself and others easily coordinate the location of their plants by considering crop rotation, climate, and water access. My absolute favorite place is Yosemite National Park because of its diversity and amazing viewpoints. My perfect day would definitely include a hike at Yosemite and a nap under the sun at a beach. 

Cal has been an amazing place to not only meet passionate peers and faculty but also challenge my technical skills. This past semester, I worked for EDGE in Tech Initiative to analyze confidential data, highlighting the gap in females and other underrepresented minorities in the design community. Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to be an (ES)², Engineering Scholars as Engaged Scholars, where we dove into the social and environmental impact of our engineering career. The discussions with my peers through this program heavily motivated me to be a part of the Cal Energy Corps. 

I am honored to have this opportunity at Johnson Controls Inc. and the Cal Energy Corps this summer. See you next time! 

Julie Hoang