Blog #1: Back to Berk

I am currently in Las Vegas between my connecting flights. I am moving back to Berkeley for the summer as I was planning to work at Carbon180’s office in Oakland before the pandemic. The internship is now completely virtual, but I already made the plans with my friends to move out and want to continue outreach at encampments in Berkeley. So, I decided to stick with my original plans and stay in Berkeley over the summer.

3 days left! This upcoming Monday is the first day of my internship at Carbon180. As I am reading the company’s blog posts and policy reports, I am getting more and more excited to start next week. I have been prepping a little bit by reading the Intern Handbook and Company Policies, but other than that did not have too much prep. I think we are setting goals this upcoming week, and I am most excited to meet everyone at Carbon180. I am eager to listen to their stories and how each of them ended up at Carbon180.

Just from looking at Carbon180’s website, reading their handbooks, and even simply exchanging a few emails with some of the employees, I can already tell that Carbon180 is an amazing community that wants its interns to grow both professionally and as an individual. I hope to not only learn about carbon policy, but I also hope to gain invaluable experience that exposes me to the professional world and gives me a glimpse into the climate policy career path.