[Blog #1] The Beginning

In a flash, two weeks have passed since I started working at Johnson Controls. I recall the flurry of thoughts that rushed at me during my first week, causing me to lose sleep over a mixture of excitement and nervousness: What is going to happen at my first ever internship? Will I match the expectations of the ones who hired me? Heck, will I even meet my own expectations over the course of this internship?

Well, the good news is, the me from two weeks ago is a stranger to me today, as I realize that those thoughts only serve to cloud and clog my mind.

Flashback to my first day at work. I was invited to a call by my mentor/manager, an orientation of sorts, where he went through the onboarding process for newly hired employees and interns. I remember how nervous I was, making sure that I dressed as neatly as possible, double- and triple-checking the words that came out of my mouth, and making sure that I was muted whenever my mentor was talking (remember, good etiquette!). Fortunately, I can proudly say that I got through the onboarding call, no trouble, taking notes on newly acquired information. I learned about the company’s vision and mission, understanding how customer-centered and passionate they are in their work; I was introduced to my responsibilities this summer and the teams I am expected to help in; finally, I got the opportunity to familiarize myself with the company’s many resources through the guidance of my mentor.  

The rest of my first week was spent diving into training modules provided by Johnson Controls, characterized by interesting videos (which oddly made me miss watching recorded lectures), reading important documents, and answering a few quiz questions to make sure that yes, I did focus on the training. On top of that, I was invited to a lot of meetings, helping me get a feel for how different teams are running their scene. 

The second week is when things start picking up, as I start familiarizing myself with the work I will be doing the rest of the summer. Two of my main responsibilities are as follows. First, I will be working with the modeling team in their work in developing and testing central plant models, utilizing these to run optimal and baseline simulations in order to estimate energy and cost savings for clients. Second, I will be building a database for past and ongoing projects, aggregating information on a single location to help with data management, generating case studies, and performing statistical analysis on preliminary savings data. In order to lay the groundwork for these tasks, I have been speaking with the team members, asking them questions on the basics of modeling, their tips and tricks, and if they are available, I would ask them for their help in giving me live demos of their work process. Their willingness to help and their passion to teach me really inspires me to try my hardest in accomplishing my tasks.

My first two weeks at Johnson Controls have been an exciting adventure, an adventure that is yet to be completed. As I look at the horizon and think of all the opportunities awaiting me, I will strive to do my best at my work, always persisting to learn and to be curious.