[Blog #1]: First two weeks

The first couple of weeks at PingThings have already gone by. Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful in getting me up to speed. Even though it's only been two weeks, a lot has already happened.

The first day started off with a meeting with multiple project leads and employees. We got through introductions and had a warm welcome to the company. In that meeting, I learned a lot more about what PingThings does, how they operate, and brief introductions on their current work. In essence, they use real-time data from sensors on the power grid to perform detailed analysis. I was given a lot of readings and videos that would help me get a better understanding of power engineering and how to work with PMU sensor data. After the initial meeting, I had a meeting with the front-end team. Most of this meeting was getting to know the team and also give them a sense of my previous experience with languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. I met with everyone except the team lead, Jeff, who was out that week. For the rest of the day and week, I worked closely with Jamie, another member of the front-end team. He was currently working on a heat map visualization on the plotter website. He got me set up with most of the accounts and permissions I needed to start working. He also tasked me with reading up on the React documentation, blog posts about the BtrDB database, and some of the codebase that the front-end team was currently working on.

Day 2 started off with the daily morning standup. Standup is a meeting where everyone shares what they worked on on the previous day and what they wanted to get done on that day. This included everyone on all the other teams, not just the front-end team. This gave me a chance to meet people from other teams and gain some insight into what other people are working on. After standup, I attended the front-end office hours in hopes to answer any questions I had from the day before. First, Jamie helped me set up my machine and copy the Github repo so that I could start working on some assignments. My first assignment was a simple warning fix on the account management UI due to invalid props being passed into DOM elements. This was to serve as good practice working with React and getting experience with the management UI.

The last two days of the week had me going to meetings, asking any questions I had from my readings, and working on settling the bugfix/discussing with Jamie the changes I'm making to verify my understanding of the code. At the end of the week, I ended up submitting and merging my first pull request. 

The second week went by a lot quicker. I continued to go to daily meetings and worked on some more assignments. I was tasked to fix another bug with some components on the plotter. The cause was an invalid attribute being passed into a DOM element depending on which theme the user was using. I also ended up adding some quality of life changes with some user interface fixes. I ended up merging these changes at the end of the week. I also started working on a bigger assignment. I needed to create an Express endpoint that would use a list of stream IDs to make multiple requests and then return the data of all the streams. For a good amount of time, I was doing a lot of reading on graphQL and Express, as well as other tools that would help me. 

The first two weeks have definitely been a huge learning experience. Whether it's working with the code, or just listening during meetings, I'm always learning something new. Jamie and the front-end team have been extremely helpful. Despite having their own work to do, they still find time to answer any questions I have.