[Blog #1] My Time at Heila So Far

My first three weeks of work at Heila have been great so far! The first day, I met with the members of the team I’m working on, Optimization and Control. There were two other employees beginning that day, so I didn’t feel alone in being a fresh addition to the team. 

In my first weeks of work, I’ve become more familiar with Heila technologies and projects by reading white papers they have written about their work. I also have been using and making edits to a utility bill calculator and tariff parser sent to us by researchers for EcoBlock, a project in Oakland that Heila is working on. At first, I wrote my own simple tariff parser for a json file for one utility, but using Eco Block’s open source code has been very helpful to expand our ability to parse tariffs.

Outside of this, I’ve also been working on creating a generic function plotter that Heila will be able to use to more easily and efficiently make visualizations for future white papers. I also have been cleaning and beginning to analyze data that we received for a project to optimize systems with solar and battery in schools in Puerto Rico. 

With California re-opening, it seems like there may be opportunities to work in-person and meet my coworkers soon. I would really enjoy this opportunity, and I hope we’re all able to meet soon. We have weekly all-hands meetings over Zoom, and this week I’ll have the opportunity to introduce myself to the whole company through an AMA (ask me anything) question session. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with my team as the summer goes on. I have learned a lot already, and I'm looking forward to continuing to learn more!