[Blog #1] Setting in at JCI

Wow! How time has flown by. It feels like just yesterday that I met my mentor, Rachel Ellerman, and the team at JCI for the first time. It is officially my fourth week of my internship, and I have learned so much already. 

The first few weeks were focused on introducing myself to different teams that I will be working with and the company itself. I am astonished at the broad range of necessary roles and skills required to bring one of the many JCI’s products to life. I had the opportunity to sit in on pricing, marketing, IT, UI/UX and monthly feature meetings. These meetings are essential to expedite my understanding of how the Companion app is integrated with different software applications and existing building technology. One of my main roles this summer is to reframe the competitive analysis document, which requires meeting with different people that will be using the document (i.e. sales team and company leaders). 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore different roles in JCI that are related to the Companion app when I am not doing my main tasks. I have been working closely with Ann, a UI/UX practitioner, to develop a workflow and sketches that integrate the Companion app and reflects the feedback from OpenBlue Enterprise Manager (building data analytics and operations platform). 

As I learn more about the products and the goals of Johnson Controls Inc, I am truly inspired by the leadership and responsibility the company has taken. It has been amazing to work on an app that honestly feels like a sci-fi movie with badgeless entry, COVID tracking, and comfort at your fingertips.