[Blog #4] Reflections

Hi there again! This past summer was a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally. I did not expect to be a part of such a supportive environment that allowed me to explore all of my creative and technical interests. I had the opportunity to access and use UXPin (a design platform), collaborate with a marketing agency, be part of pricing conversations, and so much more. Here are a few of my personal reflections from my experience this past summer: 

  1. I am ready to jump into the unknown. To be quite honest, research always scares me a little. You never know where you will end up or if you will even find what you were looking for. However, this internship broke that fear of mine. A lot of my time was spent researching and analyzing internal and external information and applying it to my task. I began to enjoy having so many tabs open and different OneNote pages for each research topic (good organization is essential here!). I now enjoy the act of researching and diving deeper into the unfamiliar than the final knowledge. 
  2. I want to be a product manager! One of my goals this summer was to meet with people from different and diverse roles. Through my coffee chat conversations, my project management role in the Innovation Challenge, and my internship role, product management resonates most with me. I enjoy wearing different hats and being a liaison between engineering and the user. Though I enjoy the structure and organization required for a project management role, I want to use my technical background in a product management role. The only con with being a product manager is that there are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of meetings. However, that will allow me to stay engaged and talk to different people everyday. 
  3. Working at a company that aligns with my personal values matters to me. No company is perfect, but I realized through Johnson Controls that sustainability matters a lot to me. Specifically, I want to redesign or create new products that are environmentally friendlier than existing versions. I want to be part of a movement that helps others and the world around us. 
  4. Be ready to face challenges and see where it can lead you! This was advice given to me and 11 other interns personally by the CEO, George Oliver, in a roundtable conversation. It was super interesting to learn how ambitious and hardworking he was and how small steps led to his current role. Currently, school is my biggest “challenge” but our roundtable discussion inspired me to not limit where my future could be. 
  5. This summer is a testament to my hard work and grit. Waking up at 5AM seemed impossible but I did it everyday this past summer! Getting started is always the hardest part whether it’s toward researching a new topic or a physics problem set. Once you get over the hurdle of starting, it’s smooth sailing from there. There can be hiccups but now you have more time to get help than if you had procrastinated. 

I am excited to be in different roles and companies in the future. This past summer was an incredible first internship experience. Well, this is my last blog post. Whether it’s the first of mine that you read or the second, I am grateful to have had your time. Goodbye!