Blog Post #0: About Me!

Hello all! My name is Abhinav Subramaniam, and I’m a rising Junior at Berkeley studying Mechanical Engineering with minors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as Global Poverty and Practice studies. This summer I will have the great opportunity of working with Johnson Controls as a Product Manager Intern, facilitating one of the company’s new products in healthy and sustainable building design and management, with a focus on how we can measure a successfully healthy building.

I applied and accepted the Cal Energy Corp internship as I wanted an opportunity to branch out from the traditional roles in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and flesh out my experience in Product Management while also continuing to pursue my passion for Sustainable Development and Innovation. I’ve previously worked with sustainably oriented startups like Root Applied Sciences, a young Berkeley-based startup aiming at reducing the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides through in-field autonomous agricultural field sensors. As a member of the engineering team, we were able to build our first successful prototype in a 2 month sprint from scratch, which was an amazing accomplishment. Being a part of the startup lifecycle was a truly unique experience. While being an engineer is always a rewarding and hands-on experience, I wanted to involve myself more deeply into the product development timeline, hence why I jumped at the opportunity presented to me at Johnson Controls.

I’ve always loved nature ever since middle school when I went camping for the first time in the tall forests of Baguio, Philippines. From then on, I’ve devoted myself to help preserving our amazing planet. Being at Berkeley has made that dream far more achievable, being at the nexus of powerful and successful organizations, amazing and unique opportunities, and the most passionate and driven community I have ever met.

I am excited to see what this summer and the future holds, and I'm looking forward to keeping all of you updated as my journey progresses.