Blog #5: Fractures!

I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. I only have two weeks left in my internship, which means I have now been working on this project for over two months. I am also moving back to Berkeley for the fall semester this weekend, which is stressful but exciting.

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Blog 5: fin.

Time really flies—it still feels like yesterday when I first began my internship, bubbling with nervous excitement.

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22 Jul

Blog #3: Bugs (and not the winged kind!)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on fixing various bugs in my physics-guided neural network implementation. One of the main bugs was mutating the test portion of the input data.

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20 Jul

Blog #4: Is that really a $20 bill?

Welcome back! I am finishing up my sixth week at Carbon180; wow I can’t believe I am more than halfway done with the internship! This internship has already been such an unbelievable experience.

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19 Jul

Blog #4: Upgrade!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Because my internship is nearing to an end, the last two weeks went by faster than any other week due to the amount of work I had to finish.

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Blog #4: Visualizations and New Software

Currently, I am watching an output file grow and grow and grow as the simulation I am running executes.

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15 Jul

Blog #4: Visualizations!

Woah, it’s been two months since the beginning of the internship! I’ve been working mostly on polishing the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm and getting better results in training GPR since the last blog post.

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09 Jul

Blog #3: Getting Set-up

Third blog post! Overall, these weeks have been much calmer than the past four. During these past two weeks, I mainly focused on getting my computer ready to access the data so I can start helping out the data science team next week.


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09 Jul

Blog #2: Unexpected News

Almost half-way there! It’s crazy how time passes. Like the first two weeks at PingThings, a lot has happened, so let’s just jump right into it!


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06 Jul

Blog #2: Making Predictions

Over these past few weeks, I have started to implement the custom loss function for our groundwater level prediction neural network. It’s been exciting to finally get started working with the code and learn more about the hydrology aspects of the project.

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06 Jul

Blog #3: Carbon, Capture, and Storage: The Trilogy

Welcome back to my blog post! I am going on week 5 of my internship with Carbon180. I have been learning a lot about carbon removal, policy analysis, and the professional environmental field. I have also been getting to know the Carbon180 team and my fellow interns a lot more lately.

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05 Jul

Blog #3: More and More Simulations

Hi again everyone!

I can’t believe that today’s blog is already about week 5 and week 6 of my internship, which means it has been more than half of my internship period!

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Blog #3: Rocks Rock

In the past couple of weeks of my internship, I have continued to work on understanding the software and developing problems. The current problem I am working on is a geothermal heating problem.

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30 Jun

Blog #3: Molecules, Molecules, Molecules

I can’t believe it’s been a month and a half since I started this internship – time really flies by! Since the last blog post, I’ve mainly been working on converting the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm to work with molecules.

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27 Jun

Blog #1: 3 Weeks in!

After wrapping up my third week at Imprint Energy, it’s hard to summarize all the different things I’ve done!

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24 Jun

Blog #1: First weeks!

I have just finished the first two weeks of my remote internship at the ABPDU! Since it was all online, it felt very different when compared to some of the other work I have done at previous internships.

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22 Jun

Blog #2: Carbon180, Who is She?

I started my internship last Monday, and WOW! I am meeting so many amazing people and learning all  about carbon removal and climate policy.

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