Finally, an Introduction

I am a Chemical Engineering major who likes nurturing curiosity and laughing with family, friends, and random strangers I meet! I applied to Cal Energy Corps, because my Personal Statement revolved around climate change solutions and this was a tribute to that. My studies in Chemical Engineering needed a practical application and CEC helps motivate me to take my studies more seriously. I will be working at Sepion Technologies, a start-up based in the Molecular Foundry at LBNL. This startup strives to create membranes that enable better energy density for use in a wide-range of applications, such as in the batteries of electric vehicles and in mobile phones. I hope to learn as much as I can about chemical synthesis and electrochemistry from my supervisor, colleagues, and anyone I meet along the way in this journey. I hope to understand how to contribute value to a team, communicate well, and ask meaningful questions.

If you've never seen me, here is a picture! :) It is of me and my three amigas Gabriela and Anuja who are my shining light and inspiration to be kind, helpful, and considerate. We were brewing beer--a Belgian Tripel Ale, to be exact.

*Photo Credits to Anuja Godbole