Introduction - Andrew Chow

Hi! My name is Andrew Chow and I am a student at UC Berkeley studying Sustainable Energy Engineering through the Conservation and Resource Studies major with minors in Energy Engineering, Energy and Resources, and Sustainable Design. I am interested in both the technical and societal aspects of sustainability, and am particularly passionate about issues like environmental justice and renewable energy technology. At Cal, I am an undergraduate researcher for the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) and am involved with organizations on campus like the Student Environmental Resource Center and The Music Connection. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Andrew’s favorite pastimes include fishing, foraging, basketball, playing the saxophone, and spending time with friends and family.

This summer I am excited to be working at Energy Solutions in Oakland, CA as an Energy Efficiency Intern. As a third year student, I have worked in the government, nonprofit, and research sectors and am looking forward to an experience in the private sector. This summer will be particularly interesting given that Energy Solutions is a consulting company and I have never directly done this type of work. I am looking forward to developing strong communication skills, and obtaining a glimpse of what a career in clean energy may look like in the real world. Ultimately I hope to utilize the skills and information I have obtained throughout my classes and experiences in Berkeley thus far, and fully dive into developing solutions to push our society towards a clean energy future.