[Introduction] Down-time and Preparations

Hey all, my name is Lazlo! I’m a 3rd year studying Chemical Engineering in the College of Chemistry, minoring in Energy and Resources. Quarantine thus far has had a big effect on my hobbies; I’ve had much less opportunity to go to the gym or play volleyball or things of that sort. However, video games have given me a really good opportunity to stay in touch with all my friends no matter where they are. My friend group has been able to keep a discord channel lively most of the day, where we can come in and play video games together, or even just hang out and do other work while being able to chat. The games are so helpful for keeping engaged with others when it’s easy to get distant right now. 


I am passionate about energy efficiency and storage, and I am excited to work as a Battery Engineer at Imprint Energy, where they make ultrathin, high-energy, flexible batteries. There are many possible tasks I can complete with them, and I expect to learn a lot in different areas. I have been able to talk to a previous Cal Energy Corps Intern who is now a full-time engineer there and will be letting me utilize and learn more data science skills to help with database organization and battery modeling. Additionally they have certain essential functions and have been able to institute social distancing measures at their lab site, so I will be going in after June 1st to do some analytical lab work with them. I’m excited to learn a lot about battery engineering, as well as use some of my existing lab and data science skills to contribute to Imprint’s goals this summer. I am currently doing some literature research on technology they’re interested in.


The sustainable energy and climate goals of the Cal Energy Corps align so well with my own, so I am extremely excited to be part of the program and to be working at Imprint Energy. The Cal Energy Corps has a broad base of participating students and companies who approach sustainability in so many different ways. I am excited to interact with and learn from not only Imprint but the cohort of diverse and brilliant companies and Berkeley students who make up the Cal Energy Corps.