[Introduction] On The Grid

Hi, my name is Nica. I am really excited to be a Cal Energy Corps member this year. Of course, the circumstances right now in 2020 are a little bit unusual with millions of people suffering from the Coivd-19 pandemic and all that is following in its wake. But that makes the work that we are so lucky to be involved in here all the more pressing and worthy.

I am delighted to be joining PingThings as a Data Management intern. This project really inspires me because it combines my academic interests with things that I am passionate about. I am a third year Environmental Economics and Policy student with a big interest in the allocation of resources, data analysis and climate change solutions. It is exciting to be able to combine this in a position that is working toward a really important goal. PingThings is working with the government to increase efficiency and minimize energy waste on electric grids in the future, which is not only cost saving but improves security and reduces CO2 emissions. I am new to the energy market and thrilled to learn through such a rewarding and exciting project.

I am originally from Japan, and I lived in London for ten years before moving to the US. I enjoy parks, beaches, playing piano, and finding ways to help disadvantaged communities. At Berkeley, I have worked in research projects looking at international climate change policy and local sugar tax. I am currently working with a colleague on a project looking at the impact of the Covid-19 shutdown on people’s awareness towards climate change through changes in their eating and spending habits. 

I look forward to sharing what the coming weeks will be like. Stay safe!