[Introduction] Hello!

Hi! I’m Sage, a rising junior studying Energy Engineering with a Data Science minor.  I grew up in Lake Tahoe and attended an untraditional school that focused on outdoor learning, so from a young age, I was exposed to the wonders of the natural world. I would spend my weekends skiing or biking, my summers camping or by the lake, and my school days gardening or scrambling up boulder fields for “PE”. Because of my love for the outdoors, I have always been interested in mitigating the human effect on the environment and analyzing human-Earth interactions. Additionally, the rapid development of technology could be detrimental to the planet, but if applied and evolved appropriately, it will be very beneficial to our lives, the well-being of the planet, and our relationship with the natural environment. It is because of these reasons that I plan to focus on data and generation technology within clean energy. 

Although I have an idea of where my interests lie and the general path I want to take, I do not have much practical experience, and I am not sure about the specifics. I applied to Cal Energy Corps in hopes of gaining exposure and insight into my likes and dislikes in the world of energy careers. I am going to be working through Lawrence Berkeley National Lab on the Coupled Processes in Energy Geosciences project under Mengsu Hu. Throughout the course of my internship, I will be running simulations and code to analyze and understand different processes in earth-energy relationships. I am very excited to be working on this project because it is directly related to my interests in geology and geothermal energy, numerical models, and research. However, because I do not have much experience in any of these three domains, I am not sure if I actually want to pursue a career within them. My hopes for this internship are to learn about the project and its various aspects, to develop my skills, and to determine if geothermal/ energy geoscience activities or numerical models and development are areas I want to further expand upon throughout the rest of my professional career.

Outside of my academic and professional work, you will probably find me outside. Some of my favorite activities include backpacking, skiing, surfing, biking, getting lost, making friendship bracelets, and attempting to cook elaborate meals. My favorite quarantine activities have been going on long runs or bike rides with my mom and sister, hanging out with my dogs, eating, and actually reading all of the books that I have been saying I was going to for the past year.