[Introduction] Ready to Learn!


My name is Ashley Soliman, and I am a rising third-year at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy and Legal Studies with a minor in Conservation Resources Studies. I am a Los Angeles native, but more than ever, I find myself missing the Bay Area and its breath-taking hiking trails. However, in my free time at home, I have turned to learning authentic Egyptian cuisine recipies and (finally) catching up on leisurely reading. 

I first came across Cal Energy Corps (CEC) on campus. The colorful poster was plastered to a student bulletin and had I not been early to my lecture, I would probably have missed the poster entirely along with the opportunity to gain meaningful experience. Nonetheless, the poster stuck out to me in the sea of posters, and I began my research into the program. Very quickly, I realized that this program (with the help of some amazing host companies) prepares students with hands-on experience to solve climate and energy related issues.

While nearly every UC Berkeley student hopes to make real change in the world, the solution to environmental problems is much more intricate than the classroom can teach us how to solve. Instead, I believe the lecture hall or discussion section provides the foundational tools to the real learning by doing. CEC provides an exceptional opportunity for students to participate in research-analagous experiences that fill the knowledge gap between theory and application when it comes to abstract goals like sustainability. 

As I prepare to begin my internship with PingThings, I am excited to learn more from firsthand data application and how we can improve the efficiency of the electricity grid. In my role as a project management intern, I hope to grow not only my understanding of how data science, engineering and machine learning collide, but also gain further program support experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and am looking forward to June 1, to say the least!