[Introduction] Week 0!

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Kim, and I am a rising 4th year studying Energy Engineering. I'm really interested in working with renewable resources and incorporating them into helping communities gain access to basic needs. Through Cal Energy Corps, I am able to work on real world projects and gain experience that go along with my passion in renewable energy and supporting communities, which is why I am super excited and honoured to have been selected to work with them over the summer. 

I have the privilege to work with McEachern Labs and closely with Alex McEachern to develop a website for users to understand electric power systems and its concepts and features such as power flow, voltage sag, and harmonics. Together, we hope to move his program, Power Quality Teaching Toy, into a web-based version. Through EE 137A, I had the opportunity to use his program, which really helped me to understand and visualize power flow and the homework from that week. I think it's super important for people to understand these concepts and can also understand (from firsthand experience) that sometimes, it may be a bit difficult to grasp at first! That's why creating a easily accessible, user-friendly website could encourage people from all backgrounds to learn and explore more about these concepts. As someone coming from a background not entirely focused on computer science, I'm excited to learn more about web development and the practices that go behind building a website. 

Now a little more about me: in my free time I've always enjoyed baking, and due to the shelter-in-place, I've had more time to explore this more and have been baking at least twice weekly. Currently my favorite thing to bake: vegan cookies that my roommate and I can enjoy (usually at midnight)! On top of that, I also enjoy powerlifting and even though I've had to put that on pause for a bit, I look forward to getting right back to it once everything gets better. Finally, I love spending time with all my friends and family (even virtually!). Through zoom calls, virtual games, and movie nights, I have been able to stay in touch and have fun with them.

Throughout the next two months, I'm so excited to learn more and implement my skills with McEachern Labs and am looking forward to sharing with you what I do. Hope everyone stays safe, and until next time!