Leveling Up

As my internship resumes, I continue to test battery performance through the yield checking process at Imprint. The data collected from this process will be utilized for cell selection before the shipment of products. The amount of batteries arriving at our facilities is increasing and so is the need for quick battery testing and data collection. My supervisor has created a weekly plan to assure that I am testing a sufficient amount of batteries daily to support a constant outflow of data. She has high expectations and continually pushes for more testing to be done.These demands have made my work days more interesting. The work that I do is tedious and repetitive. When she implemented these daily quotas, it makes everyday more challenging, pushing me to be more efficient. Knowing the number of batteries she wants tested each day really motivates me to reach that goal for the day. It challenges my patience and effectiveness in this task.

Because my internship will end in a few weeks, my supervisor has been allowing other lab technicians to cross train with me. It has been really rewarding to share with others the work that I am doing as I have seen this testing process be built from the ground up. Since my start, I have seen this particular testing process go through various stages of optimization to make work more efficient and faster. Looking back, this role has improved significantly and is more effective to contributing to the company’s goals. Although my main role continues to be testing, when others can test I will begin to manage them. It is satisfying to see that the time I have spent testing has built up to this and is worthwhile. Throughout the months, I have learned every aspect of this test, sometimes more than my supervisor. Her allowing me this position shows me that I have gained her trust to do simple tasks like this well and reliably.

Recently, I had the chance to help Ambar with her ink shipments. She had to ship out a large amount before a specific deadline. Throughout the few days she was working on this project, I watched her continuously work crazily to fulfill this request. I volunteered to help with small tasks whenever I had the time. As she was near the end, she enlisted me again. I learned about and helped her with the packaging which including air tight sealing and then the Imprint packaging. During this time, most people from the floor had come to help her as the deadline to ship out the package was nearing. It was fairly busy as everyone was trying to do everything at once. When the package was weighed and sealed, the stress and anxiety that wanderer in the air was finally dissipated. Although I had a small role in this shipment, it was a huge relief and a moment I was proud of. It was evidence that we were all a team and if we could help, we’d do what was necessary even if it wasn’t our defined role.

I am still continuing to learn more about the batteries and their manufacturing. During my free time, I shadow Ambar, the floor manager, to learn more of the ink making process and how its properties are characterized and quantified.

In our facilities, we conduct research and development of batteries which would entail battery printing. I have been working with  Miguel and Brienne who are part of the metrology team. Their tasks include a taking roughness, thickness and various other measurements. I was able to spend a significant amount of time shadowing them and helping with the preparation for printing and taking property measurements.

The Imprint Team has gotten smaller with the departure of one of the interns, Arkar. The team celebrated with a lunch outing and a sweet farewell. I was informed that we will be having another intern join our team soon from Singapore, I look forward to it. It was recently Ambar’s birthday. To celebrate, the team went out for Mexican food. With the help of some of the restaurant staff, we surprised her with a small cake and sang her Happy Birthday. On the topic of singing, someone had gotten Ambar a balloon that sang Happy Birthday. It sang the song whenever someone hit the balloon and it cheered up the office throughout the day. Later in the day, Ambar’s partner surprised her with chocolate covered strawberries and her brother joined to engage in the festivities.