My First Tropical Cyclone!

Well, I have officially arrived at the CUHK campus! My flight landed last night around 7:00 pm - a whole day after I left San Francisco. I was pretty shocked when the pilot said it would be 90 degrees in Hong Kong when we landed but I've been too distracted by the beautiful campus to notice the heat.

I met with my research team today at the Institute of Future Cities on campus. The staff is really friendly and made sure I was settling in and understood my tasks for the summer. For the following ten weeks, I will be using the World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools (WUDAPT) to create climate zone maps in several US cities. To do this, I must first categorize small plots of land in the specified city based on the area's vegetation cover and building density. I will combine this information with satellite images to produce an urban climate map. More details about the process to come when I get there!

After a couple hours of familiarizing myself with the WUDAPT software, I went to a seminar on campus with a member of my research group, Dr Xu. At the seminar, Dr Robert Bornstein of San Jose State University gave a lecture on inputting WUDAPT data into the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) which is used to predict weather and climate events. It was awesome!

After a delicious lunch at the campus canteen, I received several emails warning me that there was a No. 8 Typhoon heading for Hong Kong! Exciting!! I've never been in a typhoon before!! I was told I have nothing to worry about if I stayed indoors and had some extra food stored. So, naturally, I got two bowls of ramen to-go at the hostel cafeteria and cozied up in bed.

Look for another update in two weeks!