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Great experience so far

  I actually started my work at McEachern lab in early June. I just joined Cal energy corps recently.

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An exciting beginning to my time at EPRI

My first few weeks at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have been a whirlwind! EPRI is non-profit that conducts research, development, and demonstration projects for the benefit of the public in the United States and internationally. It was founded by Dr.

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02 Jul

Second Blog

On Monday I had to catch up on the work because I got sick on Friday due to throwing up.  I had to finish a certain of trays that I need do. In the lab, I have been using repeatability to confirm my results of tests.

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Welcome to Energy Solutions!

My first two weeks at Energy Solutions have been a warm, inviting, and incredibly educational experience.

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So tell me about your intern

In which Jonathan finds himself immersed in a new environment, but then back to where he came from? Also spoilers: Nelson is a good boi

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18 Jun

first Blog

The first day was amazing in that everything and everyone was friendly and kind. I arrived there an hour early to get ready for the big day. I got my own imprint energy laptop, my desk, and  Imprint office supplies.

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The Beginning

Hello, my name is Jose De Casas and I’m currently studying Energy Engineering at the College of Engineering. I am all about renewable energy, enjoying the outdoors, playing volleyball, and listening to music (e.g. jazz, hip-hop, R&B).

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23 May

Hey! Nice to see ya!

Hey! My name is Jonathan Santoso and I'm a senior undergraduate studying chemical engineering with a concentration in energy and environment. Though I am a chemical engineer (in training), I put special focus on sustainability and negative emission technologies (NETs).

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23 May

Week 0: An Introduction

Hello everyone! I’m Emily Turkel, a rising junior majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies (I get to study energy and water use in the global sphere) and minoring in Public Policy. I love to bake, read and travel (in fact, I’m writing this from Seoul!).

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Introduction - Andrew Chow

Hi! My name is Andrew Chow and I am a student at UC Berkeley studying Sustainable Energy Engineering through the Conservation and Resource Studies major with minors in Energy Engineering, Energy and Resources, and Sustainable Design.

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22 Aug

Final Thoughts

I have completed my 10 week Cal Energy Corps internship at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. While the internship is over, my work at the labs and on this individual project are not: I will be staying on to continue current efforts during the school year, this time for research credit instead of money.

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The End of my Journey at Imprint Energy

Throughout the summer I have been exposed to and learned several techniques to characterize the company’s printed battery technology. During my first week at Imprint, I partnered with another intern and one of the battery scientists to learn about the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

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In my previous blog post, I discussed I had been struggling with synthesizing samples that were completely pure. Well, this week I have made some progress, I have finally synthesized some pure samples. It is after synthesizing a total of 26 samples that I finally get 7 pure ones.

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Next Steps

Now that I have my summer project figured out and the end is approaching, I have started taking a step back and exploring more about what other people in the lab are doing. Last week, I made a sample to be characterized using atomic force microscopy (AFM).

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Elevators, Switches, and Relays, Oh My!

For so long it seemed like this summer would never end, yet now that I only have one week left at my internship it feels like time has absolutely flown by.

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03 Aug

Project Updates

As my time at the Center for Carbon Removal comes to a close, I find myself more reflective than usual. Maybe it’s the talks about what I want to do in a year that’s scaring me—I don’t think the fact that I’m a senior has quite dawned on me yet.

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02 Aug

Por Amor al Arte

The electricity that is produced from coal plants, wind turbines, or solar panels is rarely at the necessary voltage and current that is practical for our uses and electricity needs. Consequently, it is necessary to use a converter, a device that converts electricity from one form to another.

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Leveling Up

As my internship resumes, I continue to test battery performance through the yield checking process at Imprint. The data collected from this process will be utilized for cell selection before the shipment of products.

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Presenting and reflecting

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with more members of our team. The project involves researchers from many disciplines across five University of California campuses and two national labs.

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