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23 Jul

Vout = D / (1 - D)^2 * Vin

My PCBs are finally ready, and everything is coming together! As I have mentioned in the last few blog posts, I designed and printed two PCBs: one for the converter and one for the driver needed to generate the PWM for the converter.

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Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

Something I learned this week: Sometimes in science, your initial interpretations are incorrect, and in order to allow science to progress and to really even call it science you have to own up to when you are wrong.

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Travelling Thoughts

For the past couple of weeks, my biggest worry was where I would eat my next bowl of ramen. Though more stressful than you would think, the vacation was still relaxing.

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The Devil's in the Details

The past two weeks have had their ups and downs. I ran into issues processing datasets in CityBES, so I had to do some troubleshooting for data compatibility issues.

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Solid state chemistry?!

These two weeks, I have been learning solid state chemistry and spending more time in the lab. Solid state chemistry sounds like a very hard and intimidating subject. However, I have been synthesizing solid state cathode materials for batteries, and it is surprisingly simpler than I thought!

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The Big 1000 and Some Thoughts

It has been roughly a year since I first started using R and this past week I compiled together a larger portion of the scripts and functions I’ve written for my internship so far. I’ve finally hit a milestone of mine, writing a 1000+ line set of fully functional code.

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Bad Gauge Data is Good Stuff and PARENTHESIS WILL BE FORGOTTEN

Bad data, how could that be good in any way?! I felt the same during the initial stages of cleaning up gauge data, but the more I learned about different methods of cleaning and imputing data the more I realized that there was a lot to gain from it.

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La Inmortalidad del Cangrejo

I have lost track of the number of times that I have redesigned the PCB for the converter. Every time I thought I finished, we realized that something was not perfect.

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Homemaking Chemicals

These past weeks, I have finally created mixed 2D/3D perovskites with the correct phase, similar to ones found in literature! One of the new changes to the experimental procedure was making one of the precursor chemicals, the butylammonium iodide (BAI), ourselves rather than buying it.

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Transport Is Fun

In this update I bear no news of breakthrough in the modeling department other than a correction to rate constants necessitated by miscalculation.

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Batteries, batteries, batteries. Week 1 at LBL

I have been in Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL) for a week and I have already learned so much. As you have probably guessed from the title, I’m working on a research project on batteries.

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The Imprint Family

Imprint Energy has outsourced their battery manufacturing process abroad. I am in charge of quality control and battery performance testing for each battery that is manufactured and shipped to our facilities. Recently, there has been mix up with the labeling of the batteries.

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Black Boxes, Green Buildings?

The past two weeks have been super hectic. I’m now working on four cities in total: San Jose, Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City, and I’ve discovered a highly frustrating lack of standardization among publicly available datasets.

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05 Jul

Keep calm and eat your vegetables

Work on the big, fancy groundwater model continues to chug along. I completed my map of evapotranspiration values for different plants, as well as a similar map for estimated irrigation quantities.

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Getting Back Onside

Impassioned World Cup group stage matches, nascent in their sowing of excitement and nationalistic pleasure, have just about two weeks under their belt, and my sinusoidal love and attention spent following the game of soccer is just about reaching its crest.

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Doña Chip is a woman who sells electronic components and devices in the garage of her small, white house with her cat named MOSFET (a MOSFET is a type of transistor).

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25 Jun

Week 2 - Communicating with data

The past two weeks have been packed; I’ve learned a lot from my work, from my coworkers, and from random observation (one of the perks of a small startup is that there are interesting conversations going on all the time right next to you).

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Week 1 - an Introduction

Hello, blog readers! This is my introductory blog. My name is Alex, and I’m an incoming senior studying a mix of Computer Science, Economics, and Public Policy. I’ll be working at Clarity over the summer.

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A Great Deal of Learning

It has been over a month since my internship began at Imprint Energy. I have been assigned to work with the R&D Process Engineer focused on testing battery performance. When first given this project, it was challenging for me.

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