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Caroline "Carly" de Frondeville

Caroline "Carly" de Frondeville

Computer Science

Placement: PingThings - Python / Software Engineering Intern

Carly de Frondeville just finished her fourth year at UC Berkeley, and will be graduating in December with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Bioengineering. She is excited about all efforts to transition societal systems to circular rather than linear models, but has chosen energy as the sliver of the problem she will work on. A circular model for energy means making as many sectors as possible run on renewable energy, and requires electrification of buildings, transportation, cooking, and more, as well as the development of a robust and flexible grid to efficiently coordinate these increased loads. She is very excited to be working at PingThings, helping with their National Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence on the Grid project through infrastructure work on their Predictive Grid platform.

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