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Christabella Annalicia

Christabella Annalicia

Energy Engineering

Placement: Johnson Controls - Energy Data Analytics to support Product Development for a SaaS based Building Management Application
Milwaukee, WI

Poster - A step towards decarbonization
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Christabella is a rising senior majoring in Energy Engineering. She loves tinkering with electrical circuits, as well as reading up on recent developments on smart grid technology. She is currently an apprentice under the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) studying more on microgrids in order to address energy availability issues and to utilize distributed energy resources to its full potential. She is passionate to learn more through her internship placement at Johnson Controls and to apply her skills in real-world applications. In her spare time, she tends to get immersed in reading fantasy novels and in finding new comedy shows to watch.


22 Sep

[Blog #5] Final, final blog

According to the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), the buildings sector accounted for 38% of total global carbon emissions that are energy-related in 2020, including emissions from building construction processes.

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23 Aug

[Blog #4] Reflections

After more than two months of summer, I have now reached the end of my internship at Johnson Controls (JCI).

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13 Aug

[Blog #3] Baseline simulations are definitely everything...

Here it is, my second-to-last blog post! It is amazing how fast summer goes by each year. 

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24 Jun

[Blog #1] The Beginning

In a flash, two weeks have passed since I started working at Johnson Controls. I recall the flurry of thoughts that rushed at me during my first week, causing me to lose sleep over a mixture of excitement and nervousness: What is going to happen at my first ever internship?

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31 May

[Blog #0] Hello!

Hi everyone! My name is Christabella Annalicia, and I am currently a rising senior majoring in Energy Engineering here at Cal. In my free time, as I am an avid reader of fantasy novels, I would be reading or researching more on good novels to buy.

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