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Daniela Paredes Robles

Daniela Paredes Robles

Chemical Engineering

Placement: LBNL - Characterization of Ionomer-Catalyst Interface
Berkeley, California

Poster - Characterization of the Ionomer-Catalyst Interface
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Daniela is an international student from Spain and a rising junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Chemical Engineering. She is passionate about renewable energy, sustainability and batteries, and hopes to find in the future an efficient way to solve or mitigate climate change. Daniela is a member of ChemE car at Berkeley, a club where members build a shoebox-sized car powered by chemical reactions. She has also been researching this spring semester the effects of forest canopy age on snow retention. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, dancing, and playing board games.


21 Aug

[Blog Post #2] Making some progress

My work at Berkeley lab has been going great so far! I have faced many challenges and learned how to overcome them. I have also gained valuable lab experience, become more independent, and improved my understanding of ionomer thin films and their swelling properties. 

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[Blog Post #3] Finishing up my Project

I just finished my internship at the laboratory this week. I have had such a rewarding experience and have learned so much. Time has really flown by!

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[Blog Post #1] Working at LBNL

My first few weeks at LBNL have been great, and I have already learned so much! During my very first week, I was introduced to the lab that I have been working in and given a tour of my building. I also carried out various literature reviews at home to familiarize myself with my project.

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26 May

[Blog Post #0] Introducing myself!

Hello! My name is Daniela, I am a rising junior, an international student from Spain, and a Chemical Engineering major at UC Berkeley. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, dancing, playing board games, and trying out new restaurants.

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