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Edgar Hildebrandt Rojo

Edgar Hildebrandt Rojo

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Economics

Placement: PingThings - Machine Learning Intern

Edgar is a second year student at UC Berkeley majoring in Electric Engineering & Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Economics. Edgar was born in Spain on an island off the coast of Africa. He lived in Spain for eight years before moving to France and then America. Edgar is interested in combining his knowledge from computer science, economics, and math in new ways to solve complex problems such as climate change, automation, and human decision making. This summer he will be working at PingThings, a software company dedicated to storing, analyzing, and visualizing large sensor data from the electric grid. He will be working in the newly funded ARPA-E 3-year project as a machine learning intern helping design and develop new models to analyze data. Edgar is excited to put his skills to the test and apply his technical knowledge to solve real-world problems. During his free time Edgar enjoys hiking, travelling, and building things.


18 Aug

Blog #4: The Final Blog

In this blog post I detail my last three weeks at PingThings.

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09 Jul

Blog #3: Getting Set-up

Third blog post! Overall, these weeks have been much calmer than the past four. During these past two weeks, I mainly focused on getting my computer ready to access the data so I can start helping out the data science team next week.


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09 Jul

Blog #2: Unexpected News

Almost half-way there! It’s crazy how time passes. Like the first two weeks at PingThings, a lot has happened, so let’s just jump right into it!


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14 Jun

Blog #1: Getting Started at PingThings

Today I am wrapping up my second week at PingThings. Although it has just been two weeks, a lot has happened...

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22 May

[Introduction] Week 0

Hello! My name is Edgar. I am a second year at Berkeley focusing primarily in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS). I was born in Spain on an island off the coast of Africa called Tenerife.

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