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Naveen Bahadur

Naveen Bahadur

Energy Engineering

Placement: Gridware - Hardware Engineer
Folsom, California

Poster - What is the best photovoltaic solution for Gridware
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Naveen Bahadur is a rising senior studying Energy Engineering with a minor in EECS. He is passionate about renewable energy, circuit design, and smart grid technologies. Naveen is also a member of the UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team, CalSol, where he helps design and test the vehicle's solar array. For enjoyment, he plays the saxophone in the Cal Band and also plays basketball and ping pong in his free time. Naveen is thrilled to participate in this program and can't wait to bring his energy (pun intended) to a startup environment.


[Blog #4] Running More Experiments and Simulations

In these last two weeks, most of my time was spent outside testing sample panels, which was very exciting!

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[Blog #3] Debugging and Experimenting

This past segment of my internship has been my favorite part so far. Most of my time was spent tinkering with the circuit I built to make it as robust as possible. One of the end goals of creating this circuit is to have a portable device that provides an easier way to test the solar panels.

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[Blog #2] Lots of Testing

I am now more than halfway through my internship and am very proud of the progress I've made in the last two weeks. I started tackling one of the major concerns with using solar energy to power hundreds of devices: variations in solar irradiance.

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14 Jun

[Blog #1] Welcome to Gridware!

I have just finished the fourth week of my internship and am in awe of how much I've learned so far and how fast the summer is already going by.

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31 May

[Blog #0] Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Naveen, and I am a rising senior studying Energy Engineering with a minor in EECS. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA and enjoy basketball and playing the saxophone.

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