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Nica Campbell

Nica Campbell

Environmental Economics and Policy

Placement: Ping Things - Data Management Intern

Nica Campbell is in her third year studying Environmental Economics & Policy at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about resource allocation, energy and climate solutions. Nica is originally from Japan and has worked as a financial analyst for global corporations in Japan and the UK before moving to the US. At UC Berkeley, she has participated in research projects investigating responses to global climate policy and city sugar tax. Nica is currently working on a project with a colleague about how the Covid-19  pandemic is affecting attitudes toward the environment.


17 Aug

Blog #5: The End of the Grid

NI4AI is an ARPA-E funded project to accelerate the development of analytics, machine learning & AI applications to modernize the grid.

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Blog #4: Try it out!

Two months have really flown by! 

I have worked on many projects during my career, often with a global scale with hundreds of people involved, but I’ve never worked on a project like NI4AI before.

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16 Aug

Blog #3: Inspiration

Talking to experts has been one of the highlights of this internship. Liaising with colleagues at Ping Things about their innovative projects or speaking with external parties as our market research continues has been really inspiring. 

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21 May

[Introduction] On The Grid

Hi, my name is Nica. I am really excited to be a Cal Energy Corps member this year. Of course, the circumstances right now in 2020 are a little bit unusual with millions of people suffering from the Coivd-19 pandemic and all that is following in its wake.

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