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Caroline Sage Evans

Caroline Sage Evans

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Placement: CUHK - Urban Climate and Urban Design for High Density Cities
Shatin, Hong Kong

Caroline is a third year Civil and Environmental Engineering student with an interest in environmental fluid mechanics and water treatment and management. She currently works in the Membrane Innovation Lab at UC Berkeley and has spent two semesters working on characterizing graphene oxide membranes. She has participated in a student competition team to design an off-the-grid water desalination system. Her sophomore year, she participated in Engineers Without Boarders to design a water distribution system in Panama. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys hiking, hanging out with her cat, and camping. She is excited to work in Professor Ng’s laboratory at Chinese University of Hong Kong and investigate energy flux changes that contribute to urban climate change. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to travel to and explore Hong Kong.

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