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Michelle Jaekyung Kim

Michelle Jaekyung Kim

Energy Engineering

Placement: McEachern Labs - Web Development Intern
Alameda, California

Michelle Kim is a rising 4th year student studying Energy Engineering. She is interested in working with communities to help facilitate access to basic needs such as food, water, and especially, energy. Providing inexpensive yet sustainable and clean energy to local communities and people from all backgrounds that may not have access to a reliable source of energy, especially coming from a renewable source, is something she is passionate about and is interested in pursuing in the future. She is so excited to be a part of Cal Energy Corps and to be able to work on engaging projects that give her experience in her passion in clean energy and supporting communities. Currently, she is working with McEachern Labs to develop an easily accessible website to help users understand concepts such as power flow, voltage sag, and harmonics. At Berkeley, she is part of Cal Enviro, Berkeley's water quality competition team, and enjoys working with the team to filter wastewater with household chemicals and materials. In her free time, she enjoys baking, powerlifting, and spending time with her friends. 

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