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Lazlo Paul

Lazlo Paul

Chemical Engineering

Placement: Imprint Energy - Battery Engineer
Alameda, California

Lazlo is a 3rd year student at UC Berkeley studying Chemical Engineering in the College of Chemistry, minoring in Energy and Resources. He is motivated by continual learning, and in his time at Berkeley, he has contributed to research on flow batteries at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, done market research for a bay area sustainability-technology company, and consulted on solar power policy for the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council). He is passionate about the connections between technology, society, and policy. Lazlo hopes to contribute to the fields of energy efficiency and storage and help the transition away from dirty energy sources. He is excited to work as a battery engineer for Imprint Energy this summer, contributing his data science and research skills to their ultrathin printed battery technology. In his free time he enjoys reading, going to the gym, and playing dungeons and dragons.

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