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Chi-Feng "Reina" Wang

Chi-Feng "Reina" Wang

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Placement: LBNL - Discovering new solar capturing molecules with interpretable machine
Berkeley, California

Reina Wang is a rising sophomore studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at UC Berkeley. Originally from Taiwan, she attended different international schools before moving to the United States for university. Her interest in machine learning was piqued by a summer internship where she worked on developing computer vision neural networks. Since then, she has started writing about machine learning for the Towards Data Science blog, hoping to extend her interest to similarly passionate individuals.

At UC Berkeley, she is involved in several academic clubs: she is a project developer for Launchpad, a machine learning club, where she worked on Visual Question-Answering models as well as Reinforcement Learning research; she is also an equity research analyst for the Berkeley Investment Group, a student-run equity fund on campus. Outside of class, she likes to play ping pong, explore new places, try out new restaurants, or simply huddle up in a comfortable beanbag with a mug of hot cocoa and a good book.

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