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Jin Yu

Jin Yu

Chemical Engineering

Placement: LBNL - Solid-State Battery Intern
Berkeley, California

Poster - Improvement of Mechanical Strength of Solid-State Battery via Polymer Solid Electrolyte Composite
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Jin is a rising third year Chemical Engineering student at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about sustainability and renewable energy. This summer, she will be working at LBNL, as a solid-state battery intern. She is excited to apply her chemical engineering concepts to real-world applications and cutting-edge technologies. On campus, she is involved in the Society of Women Engineers' high school outreach program and in Chem-E-Car on the supercapacitor team. In her free time, Jin likes to watch movies, bake, and journal.


21 Sep

[Final Blog #1] Solid-State Battery Research Abstract

Solid-state batteries are a newly emerging interest in battery research for their improvement of conventional lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolyte.

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20 Sep

[Final Blog #2] Personal Reflection of Summer 2021!

This summer was an amazing opportunity for me to experience a real lab setting performing real experiments that haven’t been explored before. Handed with much freedom but also responsibility, my shoulders were heavy in the beginning, unsure about my ability to pull through the research.

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[Blog #3] Data Analysis - Battery Cycling

The first week of work was a lot of memorization and getting used to the lab. There were so many details and so much equipment that I had to familiarize myself with.

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06 Aug

[Blog #2] Solid-State Battery

As my summer research is on the subject of solid-state batteries, I wanted dedicate a blog on it! Talking to my friends about my research subject, I have realized that the subject of solid-state battery (SSB) is not as familiar as the commercial lithium-ion batteries.

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[Blog #1] Going Back to In-Person

Although it has been some time, I wanted to recap to my first weeks at my summer internship at LBNL. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, it has already been a two and a half semesters of remote semesters (a year and a half).

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31 May

[Blog #0] Introduction!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jin Yu, and I am a rising junior studying Chemical Engineering. Since this is the first blog about me ever, I will start with some introductions about myself and my research over the summer.

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