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Rachel Jing Xuan Tan

Rachel Jing Xuan Tan

Chemical Engineering

Placement: Sepion Technologies - Engineering Ion-Selective Membranes for Breakthrough Batteries
Berkeley, California

Rachel is a Chemical Engineering student who aims to work as the ninja behind the scenes in alleviating climate change. At Cal, she is most proud of the friends, GSI's, and professors who have taught her to work hard, take care of yourself, and be positive. She has been involved in electrochemistry research in the Weber lab and catalysis research in the Somorjai lab, and these experiences have inspired her to pursue research. She is optimistic of the new learning opportunity ahead at Sepion Technologies. In her spare spare time, Rachel likes to pretend she is a YouTube star.


Last Week: Sad Face

This week marks my last week at my internship. I have definitely enjoyed the experience of learning chemical synthesis and analysis and being in an academic setting.

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Weeks 8-9!

I have been focusing on purifying the model compound using recrystallization, which is more meticulous and involves more trial and error than I had initially expected. I am suddenly reminded of a general chemistry that I have learned but could better understand.

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Weeks 7-8!

Now, I am solely focused on chemical synthesis, creating the target molecule using reactants suggested by my supervisor, and conditions suggested from journals, such as solvent(s) used, the ratio of solvents if more than 1 solvent is used, the order by which reactants are added, the dehydrating a

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Weeks 6-7!

Recently, I have been assigned more chemical reactions and NMR analyses to perform. I have performed a polymerization but am struggling to precipitate the solution. I have also performed the boronic ester synthesis using two methods—ball-milling and co-grounding.

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Weeks 5-6!

Recently, I have passed my safety training by my supervisor and have been approved to work independently but not alone. This is for safety purposes. I am soon going to be entrusted with performing certain reactions that have unfurled in my supervisor’s head.

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Weeks 3-4!

For the last two weeks, I have learned a variety of techniques, such as NMR spectroscopy and analysis, synthesis of PIM-1, PIM membrane casting, PEIS (potentiometric electrochemical impedance), CP (chronopotentiometry), GCPL (galvanostatic cycling with potential limitation), and EC Lab.

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Weeks 1-2!

Yesterday was the beginning of my internship. The group of people I work with consists of four zany people called Kira, Peter, Jon, and Max, although Max hasn't arrived in the office yet.

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12 May

Finally, an Introduction

I am a Chemical Engineering major who likes nurturing curiosity and laughing with family, friends, and random strangers I meet! I applied to Cal Energy Corps, because my Personal Statement revolved around climate change solutions and this was a tribute to that.

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