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Summer 2012 Blog - Emmad Farooqui

Emmad Farooqui is spending twelve weeks in the Bay Area working at the Imprint Energy.


July 13, 2012

Emmad and a co-worker in their lab.

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve been working at Imprint Energy and I have learned so much about patents and batteries.  I work with the business team as the Battery Market Analyst in their office in Alameda, California.   I spent the first week of the internship getting familiar with battery terminology and reviewing our patent application.  Unfortunately, I am unable to go into the specifics of my work because I signed a confidentiality agreement.  However, I can give broad details of what my work entailed.  

My first assignment was creating an intellectual property landscape for the company.  At the beginning of the assignment it was fairly difficult because I had little experience in either batteries or patents but my coworkers were very supportive and were able to explain anything I had questions about.  The intellectual property landscaping assignment consisted of creating a family of patents that was similar to our own patent, and finding information on possible future patents.  The patent family consisted of researching the patent examiners notes and documenting any patent that was similar to our own patent application.  The next portion of the intellectual landscaping assignment was researching possible future patent that Imprint Energy might be interested in pursuing.  Besides the patent work, I also am looking up the standards and certificates that are necessary to distribute batteries.

Aside from work, I really enjoy getting food with my coworkers and exploring the island of Alameda.  It always surprises me driving around Alameda because across the bay you can see the sky scrapers in San Francisco.  When I’m not in Alameda I usually explore the Berkeley Hills or going rock climbing. 

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