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Summer 2012 Blog - Fred Yang

Fred Chae-Reem Yang is spending twelve weeks in the Bay Area working at the Imprint Energy.


July 20, 2012

At work here at Imprint Energy

I recently started my internship at the startup company Imprint Energy, located in Alameda in the Bay Area. My experience over the past two months so far has been very enriching and enjoyable.  I've been working with the processing and development of the company’s printable batteries. One of the projects that I have been a part of is imaging our printed batteries with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). This task was particularly enjoyable because this is one of the more direct applications my education in core materials science, concerning materials characterization. Although we have gone over the theory behind the SEM and have done related controlled experiments for our labs, analyzing our batteries with this characterization technique allowed me to truly appreciate how significant microscopy can provide so much information for real-life materials science projects.

In addition to conducting my own research, I have also been supporting the team with the process, from preparing the necessary inks that make up our batteries to making measurements that analyze the quality of our batteries. My time at Imprint Energy so far has provel very valuable. By working with the Imprint Energy group, I have learned a lot about batteries and their development through hands-on experiences. This has only increased my interest in batteries and in future developments in the technology. Furthermore, I am now able to witness first-hand the use, applications, and behaviors of the materials that I have studied at UC Berkeley. Indeed, when I participate in discussions concerning our company’s experimental issues, I find myself recalling course material.

Me with one of my colleagues

I have been greatly enjoying my time with the company. The work environment at Imprint Energy has proven to be one of my favorite parts; everyone is so welcoming, friendly, and pleasant to work with. In my spare time, I enjoy having food with my coworkers or sometimes watching the Oakland A’s baseball games with them.

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