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2013 Blog

The Cal Energy Corps participants are fanning out over the summer to internship projects across the world. Many of these talented young people are sharing periodic, first-person updates on their transformative experiences in the field. Click on their names to read more…

Bay Area Berkeley Lab
Energy Biosciences Institute
Imprint Energy
Jennifer HeathShayne PetkiewiczJason Zhang
Cyrus BlankinshipAlan Cai
Emil AnnevelinkElise Lim
Brazil Embrapa Harini SadeeshkumarGeoffrey Winegar
Germany Fraunhofer MOEZ Sahra Mirbabaee
Ghana Waste Enterprisers Troy HodgesJohn PalfreymanDaniel Tjandra
Hong Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong Carter ChungSofia Hamilton
India Gadgill Lab
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Chun Man Chow
David Strachan-OlsonLionadi The
Leo Brossollet
Nicaragua blueEnergy Emily ChouSumin DongConnor GalleherErin Kunz
Singapore National University of Singapore Nidhi KaulJae Bin Ju
Taiwan Academia Sinica James MacdonaldHeather Hughes

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