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07 Aug

Blog #4: Poster Perfect

I have about a week left in my internship and lots to report back on from the past two weeks! I attended the summer students’ poster session for LBNL and presented a poster on the work I’ve been doing this summer.

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Blog #5: Fractures!

I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. I only have two weeks left in my internship, which means I have now been working on this project for over two months. I am also moving back to Berkeley for the fall semester this weekend, which is stressful but exciting.

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22 Jul

Blog #3: Bugs (and not the winged kind!)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on fixing various bugs in my physics-guided neural network implementation. One of the main bugs was mutating the test portion of the input data.

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Blog #4: Visualizations and New Software

Currently, I am watching an output file grow and grow and grow as the simulation I am running executes.

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06 Jul

Blog #2: Making Predictions

Over these past few weeks, I have started to implement the custom loss function for our groundwater level prediction neural network. It’s been exciting to finally get started working with the code and learn more about the hydrology aspects of the project.

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Blog #3: Rocks Rock

In the past couple of weeks of my internship, I have continued to work on understanding the software and developing problems. The current problem I am working on is a geothermal heating problem.

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