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[Blog #3] Finally a Successful Simulation!

In the past weeks, I was finally able to start my MD simulations on Nafion! To begin, I first used a Nafion structure file that my mentor, Akhilesh, provided me that contained 50 nafion polymers (each consisting of 10 monomers) already packed into a 10 x 10 x 10 nm cube.

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21 Sep

[Final Blog #1] Solid-State Battery Research Abstract

Solid-state batteries are a newly emerging interest in battery research for their improvement of conventional lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolyte.

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20 Sep

[Final Blog #2] Personal Reflection of Summer 2021!

This summer was an amazing opportunity for me to experience a real lab setting performing real experiments that haven’t been explored before. Handed with much freedom but also responsibility, my shoulders were heavy in the beginning, unsure about my ability to pull through the research.

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[Blog #3] Data Analysis - Battery Cycling

The first week of work was a lot of memorization and getting used to the lab. There were so many details and so much equipment that I had to familiarize myself with.

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06 Aug

[Blog #2] Solid-State Battery

As my summer research is on the subject of solid-state batteries, I wanted dedicate a blog on it! Talking to my friends about my research subject, I have realized that the subject of solid-state battery (SSB) is not as familiar as the commercial lithium-ion batteries.

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[Blog #2] Nick's Nano-sized Nafion

I spent the first couple weeks going through tutorials to learn how to use gromacs through tutorials, and now I’m ready to begin my MD simulations on Nafion.

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12 Jul

[Blog #1] First two weeks at LBNL: Building Technology and Urban Systems

I've learned a lot in the first two weeks of my work at LBNL. I'm working closely with Dr. Tianzhen Hong and researchers from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy on a review paper for applications of Transfer Learning in building energy management.

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22 Jun

[Blog #1] My MD simulations are too hot to handle, at least for my own computer

I have now finished the first few weeks of my research internship at LBNL! So far, I have been on a non-stop learning journey, building up my background knowledge and my skills to reach the point where I can efficiently perform the tasks needed for the research project.


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01 Jun

[Blog #0] Introducing Myself and My Project

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Nick, and I am excited to be participating in the Cal Energy Corps program this summer. Since this is my first blog post, I’ll be introducing myself and talking about my plans for the project I will be working on. 

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31 May

[Blog #0] Introduction!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jin Yu, and I am a rising junior studying Chemical Engineering. Since this is the first blog about me ever, I will start with some introductions about myself and my research over the summer.

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