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21 Aug

[Blog #2]: Creating a new GraphQL endpoint

Throughout the rest of my internship at PingThings, I had 3 or 4 main projects along with some smaller tickets. These projects covered many different topics and had me learning at every step.

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04 Aug

[Blog #4] End of a Chapter

In my last two weeks of work at PingThings, I primarily focused on wrapping up my work on data quality distillers.

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22 Jul

[Blog #3] Exploring Data Quality

These past few weeks have been arguably my favorite so far because as I have progressed further into the projects I've been working on, I've been able to learn a lot about how the platform works, in part by listening in on paper discussions and through formal explanations, but even moreso by work

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28 Jun

[Blog #2] Deep Dive into DISTIL

These past two weeks, I’ve started working with a system called DISTIL, which makes it possible to quickly perform analytics on a set of input data streams from sensors on the power grid and output results in almost real time.

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21 Jun

[Blog #1] Getting into the Ping of Things

I began my internship at PingThings two weeks ago. PingThings provides a platform for energy companies to process their large amounts of sensor data efficiently through their uniquely structured database, which uses a tree structure to make it very fast to calculate the aggregate metrics (e.g.

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15 Jun

[Blog #1]: First two weeks

The first couple of weeks at PingThings have already gone by. Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful in getting me up to speed. Even though it's only been two weeks, a lot has already happened.

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22 May

[Introduction] Week 0

Hello! My name is Edgar. I am a second year at Berkeley focusing primarily in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS). I was born in Spain on an island off the coast of Africa called Tenerife.

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