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03 Aug

Blog #5: Final Results

Hi everyone! Thanks for keeping up with my blog post progress from the beginning up until now! This is going to be my last post with the Cal Energy Corps since I have finished my summer internship program.


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19 Jul

Blog #4: Upgrade!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Because my internship is nearing to an end, the last two weeks went by faster than any other week due to the amount of work I had to finish.

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05 Jul

Blog #3: More and More Simulations

Hi again everyone!

I can’t believe that today’s blog is already about week 5 and week 6 of my internship, which means it has been more than half of my internship period!

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Blog #2: TOUGH is Tough

I have spent the last two weeks of my internship running some basic problems and examples and getting a feel for the inputs and outputs of a TOUGH2 simulation.

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