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The Last Hurrah

My internship at the Center for Carbon Removal came to a close last Friday. It all happened rather quickly and school is just around corner!


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The End

                Today marks my last day as an intern at Imprint Energy. It’s crazy to think that, just 13 weeks ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. And just yesterday, I gave my final presentation.

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Last Week: Sad Face

This week marks my last week at my internship. I have definitely enjoyed the experience of learning chemical synthesis and analysis and being in an academic setting.

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Weeks 8-9!

I have been focusing on purifying the model compound using recrystallization, which is more meticulous and involves more trial and error than I had initially expected. I am suddenly reminded of a general chemistry that I have learned but could better understand.

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Queries Galore

            Time is flying by at Imprint Energy. In the last two weeks, I’ve continued analysis on my real-time aging project and spent a lot of my time writing scripts to efficiently pull data from our database.

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Carbon Policy at Work

              I’ve just completed weeks 4- 5 of my internship. Like usual, things are busy around the office as many initiatives are underway and showing promising results.

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Weeks 7-8!

Now, I am solely focused on chemical synthesis, creating the target molecule using reactants suggested by my supervisor, and conditions suggested from journals, such as solvent(s) used, the ratio of solvents if more than 1 solvent is used, the order by which reactants are added, the dehydrating a

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Getting Even Busier

            In the last two weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time gathering aging data for the project that I mentioned in the last blog. I also wrote some code to quickly determine the yield of our print runs.

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Dirt, Rocks, and a Lot of Carbon

              I’ve completed my third week at the Center for Carbon Removal. So far, so good! There’s much going on at present, so let me give a snippet of what I’ve been up to lately.

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