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Vineet Nair

Vineet Nair

Mechanical Engineering, Economics

Placement: Academia Sinica - Creating New Materials for Solar Cells
Taipei, Taiwan

I am Vineet Nair. I am a second year Mechanical Engineering and Economics major, with a passion for sustainability, design optimizationa nd renewable energy. I'm also interested in exploring the socio-economic implications of new technologies. Originally from "God's Own Country" (Kerala, India), I grew up in the Middle East - in Bahrain and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm excited to spend my summer at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan researching synthesizing new, bio-inspired materials for solar cells. At Cal, I'm involved with the Bay Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network, Berkeley Energy Resources Collaborative, Student Government and the Residential Sustainability Program. In my spare time, I enjoy Indian classical music, playing intramural tennis, hiking and volunteering! 

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